About Me

Mrs. Grippits is owned and operated by a local mom in Vancouver  

I had been thinking about starting a line of socks with grips (that work and don't wear down) because I was tired of watching my own kids slip on our home's wood floors and at play gyms. Here in Vancouver, BC, kids have to wear socks in indoor play areas to guard against infections but it leads to all manner of spills and wipeouts.

Then one day while out with the kids, I slipped and fell myself, resulting in a skull fracture and a bad concussion. I realized accidental falls weren't limited to kids, and grips are something everybody could use.

That led me to developing the world's first iron-on silicone grips - good for adults and children alike! And unlike most of the grip socks you find in the stores that feature rows of the same boring dots, our products are 100% PVC free. This is about safety, after all.

As a mother, I see kids wiping out on wood, tile and concrete floors all over the place. I also see their caregivers faces! My goal is to help make running and playing on dry, slippery surfaces as safe as possible – and fun too.